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The Process


Team and customer cross collaboration is an effective way to test your roadmap. Your Post-its® and whiteboard will get a work out. The firewall of technical waste starts here.


Fires are harder to put out once they are committed to the code base. We'll show you that failing early and often isn't a's a requirement.


If you have an experienced team its time to build. If you don't we can help manage and develop through our sister company,
Shared Dynamics.


Quality assurance, end-user testing and statistical analysis is definitely in our wheelhouse. Decreased technical waste, shorter time to market and increased customer satisifaction is what we deliver.

User Introspection = Process Improvement

Core Deliverables

Technical Planning and Management

User Testing and Requirements Grooming

Interface Design and Project Management

Staff Augmentation and Team Coaching

Current Projects

Some of the great clients we serve.


The Learning Disabilities Association of America

We have helped LDA for nearly ten years improving their membership engagement and retention. More than $245,000 in work has been done for LDA at absolutely no cost to their organization and members. Pass it forward.

Property Management

McKinney Properties

Marketing and Advertising

Limitless Mind

Government Contractors

Sherpa Software